The development of Lublin science is possible thanks to the activity of scientists and representatives of academic community. Their involvement is appreciated in Poland and abroad. In the implementation of research works, commercialization of knowledge, help special university units, so-called knowledge and technology transfer centers. The scientific and research potential of Lublin are also created by research institutes, research and development units, enterprises. All entities support the distinguished representatives of Lublin science, create networking, promote the achievements of scientists and innovators.

The local government also carries out activities in this field. Promotion and popularization of science is an important element in the academic area, in the area written as one of the priorities into the Lublin Development Strategy for 2013-2021.

Lublin scientists are known not only in the country but also abroad. Lublin is an educational centre with scientific research staff representing a high standard. Their discoveries are not only known but also developed and employed by other scientists in Poland and abroad. Representatives of academic staff in Lublin may boast high scientific expertise and reputation. The representatives of Lublin’s science experience and qualifications contribute to the constant improvement of the quality of education in Lublin’s academic centers, which encourages potential students from Poland and abroad to study in Lublin.

Scientists from Lublin in the prestigious ranking of the most influential people of science in the world

15 scientists from UMCS (Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin), 9 from the Medical University, 7 from the Lublin University of Technology and 4 experts from the University of Life Sciences in Lublin have been included in the prestigious ranking of the most influential people of science in the world.

The TOP 2% list includes the names of scientists from around the world whose publications are most often quoted by other authors. The list includes nearly 160,000 scientists, and 726 of them work in Polish research centers.

Among the scientists from UMCS, 5th position in the world in the field of “geography” and 1st in the field of “physical geography” is taken by Mr. Jean Poesen from the Institute of Earth Sciences and Spatial Management UMCS.

Moreover, the UMCS list includes:

  • Mr. Wiesław I. Gruszecki (257th position in the “biophysics” field)
  • Ms Dorota Kołodyńska (586th position in the “chemical engineering” field)
  • Mr. Patryk Oleszczuk (269th position in the “environmental science” field)
  • Mr. Jaco Vangronsveld (455th position in the “environmental science” field)
  • Mr. Zbigniew Hubicki (726th position in the “chemical engineering” field)

The list includes also the names of other distinguished scientists:

  • Mr. Emil Chibowski
  • Mr. Andrzej Dąbrowski
  • Mr. Mieczysław Korolczuk
  • Mr. Stefan Sokołowski
  • Mr. Roman Leboda
  • Mr. Jerzy Dudek
  • Mr. Zbigniew Krupa
  • Mr. Krzysztof Woliński
  • Ms. Agnieszka Nosal-Wiercińska
  • Mr. Jerzy Bełtowski
  • Mr. Waldemar Turski
  • Mr. Jarogniew Łuszczki
  • Ms. Grażyna Biała
  • Ms. Jolanta Szymańska
  • Mr. Edward Soczewiński
  • Ms. Monika Waksmundzka-Hajnos
  • Mr. Tomasz Tuzimski
  • Mr. Marek Kosmulski
  • Mr. Keshra Sangwal
  • Mr. Zbigniew Pater
  • Mr. Tomasz Sadowski
  • Mr. Grzegorz Golewski
  • Mr. Waldemar Wójcik
  • Mr. Tomasz Kołtunowicz
  • Ms. Urszula Gawlik-Dziki
  • Ms. Marta Kankofer
  • Ms. Joanna Matysiak
  • Mr. Jacek Gawroński

The TOP 2% ranking is developed by analysts from Stanford University, Elsevier Publishing House and SciTech Strategies.

As part of the Organizational Leaders program, there was held the Young Ambassador of Lublin competition. This program was addressed to people characterized by an outstanding attitude and activity in various areas: science, culture, sport, or social initiatives for the benefit of a school/university and the City of Lublin.

As part of the competition, 40 winners, who have received the prestigious title of the Young

Ambassador of Lublin, were selected. The profiles of the winners, along with information about the represented university/school, were published in Kurier Lubelski and on the website of the Lublin University of Inspiration (