Lublin is an exceptional university center with impressive scientific and research potential, both in life sciences and medicine, as well as the machine and automotive industry. This is partly due to the city’s industrial traditions, qualified staff, and the involvement of Lublin’s local government and business-related institutions.

The activity of the Lublin scientific community builds Lublin’s brand as the economic power of the region. Lublin scientists are very appreciated in the international arena. Proof of this is that thirty-five scientists from Lublin’s universities: Maria Curie Skłodowska University, Lublin University of Technology, Medical University, and University of Life Sciences are in World’s Top 2% Scientists Ranking list. In recent years, cooperation between local government, universities, and business is also essential, as it brings tangible benefits in the form of innovative projects appreciated around the world. Start-up companies are established at universities to implement the Lublin university community’s research and development works. An electric bus, durum wheat, a smartphone for farmers, behavioral robotics, and the entire biotechnology industry – these are excellent examples showing the scale and colossal potential successfully used by scientists from Lublin.

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Scientific potential

In recent years, Lublin has bet on on the intensive development of research infrastructure and the modernization of teaching facilities. There are five public and four private universities here, distinguished not only by the largest number of students in the Lubelskie Voivodeship but also by their impressive scientific and research achievements. Specialized units and research institutes also play a big role in shaping the scientific potential of the city.

The knowledge, the competences and the talent of Lublin scientists secure the presence of the city among the most important centres in our country, as well as among foreign centres. The internationalization process is very important for Lublin’s science, which results in strengthening research staff potential. World-famous specialists in various fields are invited to cooperate with the universities and to participate in conferences or projects.

Research activity implemented in Lublin gains practical importance in cooperation with business environment institutions. For the city, of particular importance in this respect is support for the development of priority economic sectors.

Scientists and Lublin Ambassadors

Lublin scientists are known not only in the country but also abroad. Lublin is an educational centre with scientific research staff representing a high standard. Their discoveries are not only known but also developed and employed by other scientists in Poland and abroad. Representatives of academic staff in Lublin may boast high scientific expertise and reputation.

Scientific and research achievements

The scientific and academic world of Lublin is known for its wide variety of different disciplines and examined topics. It has been a role model of working for the balanced development of the city and its society for years. The educational industry is the crucial foundation for the Lublin’s economics, generating up to 18% of the city’s GDP. A modern and fast-growing academic center of Lublin creates the interdisciplinary-research-friendly ambience. The innovative conceptions and smart solutions achieved this way are being successfully introduced by the local institutions and companies.

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